Past Clients


"During my teens In Thailand, I was a singer with 3 albums signed with APS Records;  later i moved to the US to working as an editor/columnist for Khaosod USA Thai Newspaper; also  hosted a variety show on Thai Global Networks, Thai TV5 USA.


In 2010, Jimmy and I venture into the food business, we created the 'Streets of Thailand' food truck. 

After a lot of traveling, I started to see the beauty of life and the world in its simplicity. Enjoy the moment. Time is a gift, and I'd love to spend it exploring, experiencing, and creating  memories to be remembered.


Now, I've come home to Thailand. I'm going to explore it with great joy and share with you what this land has to offer the world.


"At 18 yr, I joined the US Navy as an aviation machinist. After 9/11, my squadron was called for duty on board the aircraft carrier USS  John C. Stennis to serve in Operation Enduring freedom in Persian Gulf. It was an honor to serve and for 6 years, I had the opportunity to travel and see the world, I also  tried to understand life at the same time


I learned about the fundamental joy we all share, food and travel, and what truly brings us closer are our shared experiences. Without it, one can never truly understand the other.


I am setting out to explore all of Thailand, my home country, and share with you my experiences so that it may help guide you to your own adventure here in Thailand.

                                         --- Jimmy

Press Releases & Features


In 2010, Patty & Jimmy, created the first Thai food truck in Los Angeles. Their work was endorsed by Tourism Authority of Thailand and was featured on many Local TV networks of LA; such as KTLA , CBS, MTV, and more ; International Television Networks from Channel 9 Thailand, and Magazines like National Geographic.

With 6 years of awesome experiences and great success, it was time to take on a  new  venture. After their last stop, catering to The Voice at NBC studio, their service window are now closed indefinitly. Together, they once again travelled the world,  explored other food & culture throughout Europe and Asia.

Growing up in the US, being far away from their home country for so long, they, themselves, feel like strangers when coming back to the place where they both first called home, Thailand.

They decided that It is time to explore deeper into their origin with new perspective and different point of views. 

Follow Patty and Jimmy as they rediscover the Streets of Thailand and share their unique experiences with you.

Streets of Thailand Food Truck